Why don't you like this anymore?

Jan 09, 2021 6:01 pm



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Are you running into resistance from your spouse whenever you offer suggestions, buy gifts, make decisions, or initiate intimacy?

Worse, is it driving you crazy since these are the SAME suggestions, gifts, decisions, and initiations that have been successful in the past?

What gives?!?

I came across a phrase in Numbers 33 this morning that may explain what's going on.

Verse one starts out like this: These are the stages of the people of Israel...

In the Israelites' case, the stages were physical locations.

In your mate's case, the stages can be locations and ...

  • mindsets
  • fears
  • hurts
  • joys
  • beliefs
  • and so much more

If you're facing resistance to items, words, ideas, touches, and other things that used to work; assess the stage your spouse is in.

There's nothing more frustrating (for you or your mate) than to deal with the right spouse in the wrong stage.

Observe. Ask questions. Listen.

Get the stage right, and the resistance will fade.


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