My wife told me I “punked out”…

Oct 17, 2020 12:04 am







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Talk about challenging your manhood. If anybody else said that to me, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I could dismiss it (and them), then go on about my business.

But when it comes from your wife, it gets your attention. And it cuts...deep.

What’s worse is the thing she felt I got punked on was something I was feeling pretty good about.

Before I finish telling you the story, let me introduce myself, as this isn’t Kevin (Cetelia didn’t say he got punked). 🙂 

You and I share some things in common…

First, you and I have friends in common, Kevin and Cetelia...a couple who has inspired us both, encouraged us, poured into us, prayed for us, and been there to support our respective marriages.

It’s a blessing to have people like that in your life, even if you’ve never met them in-person (we were friends for over 5 years before we met in-person).

Second, you and I also value marriage and are actively working to have the best marriages we can. I know this about you because you read Marriage Works! emails and you’re still reading this one from me. 🙂

My name is Jackie Bledsoe, and my wife, Stephana, and I are the founders of Happily Married Couples, where we’ve helped over 100k couples go through The 7 Rings of Marriage, creating marriages worth celebrating.

Now back to the story of me being punked. There are too many details for this one email. So, I’ll focus on my response. 

My initial reaction was about to mess up our whole day (and maybe more). However, instead of snapping back, getting angry, or shutting down, I waited a few minutes then asked her…

“How can I pray for you today?” 

Her response completely diffused the “you got punked” statement and allowed me to see why she said it (some emotions connected to her mother, and her stepfather who passed years ago). 

So, I prayed. And as I prayed my heart softened as did my response to her. The “you got punked” statement no longer had any sting.

The lesson for us is it’s hard to be mad, feel ill toward, or speak harshly to our spouse, when we are praying for (or with) them. 

So, when you are feeling mad, sad, hurt, frustrated or whatever toward your spouse, wait a minute, pray a minute, and respond accordingly.

A lot of our misunderstandings and disagreements will lose their sting when prayer is present.

Praying for your marriage!


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Wow. Thanks, Jackie.

This hit home for me -- especially while we're moving and the house is in disarray.

Wait a minute, pray a minute, and respond accordingly.

Help me, Jesus!


ps - Please get the free eBook Jackie mentioned!