Leave your spouse

Mar 06, 2021 1:21 am



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That's right.

Leave your spouse ... for a limited amount of time to get a change of scenery and to take a break.

It just so happens that I have done that very thing this weekend to spend some time with my brother.

Ironically, it comes at a time when Cetelia and I were having a few days of really good conversation and intimacy.

This is a good opportunity for both of us to unwind a bit, think about our conversations from the past few days, and miss each other a little bit.

Over twenty years ago before I was married, a guy at my church named George Brown told me that he and his wife took breaks from each other, and enjoyed it.

Being a young guy with no marital experience, I thought George was nuts. What he was saying seemed like a really bad idea for a married couple.

I thought, "Spouses don't need space from each other, not if they love each other."

Sadly, George has passed. But, if he could read this email, he'd say, "See, boy, I told you. You young bucks think you know it all, but you don't know nothing!"

You were right, George. #RIP

I encourage you to talk with your spouse and figure out a time when each of you can take a quick trip -- without the other present while honoring your vows -- to refresh and miss each other a bit.

It'll do your marriage some good.

Have a great weekend!


ps -- Cetelia, if you're reading this ... I miss you. 😘