Is your mate hungry?

Mar 09, 2021 10:40 pm



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Ever wondered what leads spouses to stray from their marriage?

I think I have the answer.

Somewhere a need is not being met, and the spouse has developed an appetite he/she has chosen to fulfill on their own.

Proverbs 27:7 speaks to this phenomenon:

A satisfied person despises honey,

But to a hungry person any bitter thing is sweet.

A spouse who feels his/her needs are being satisfied at home is going to be less likely to look for fulfillment outside the marriage.

On the other hand, a spouse who's hungry is likely to go to any measure to eat, no matter how immoral, dumb, dangerous, or destructive.

Let me be very clear: while there's no justification for straying from one's spouse, emotionally nor physically, there is always a reason.

Oftentimes spouses who have been betrayed want to deal with the "what" without addressing the "why."

Both are important, but the "why" is critical, and must be acknowledged and resolved.

Is your mate hungry?

Ask him/her. Listen to the answer.

Seek to understand. Respond appropriately.

A satisfied spouse is likely to eat in.

A hungry spouse is likely to order takeout.

Is your mate hungry?