Taking the load road

Oct 10, 2020 5:49 pm


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I've been having some difficulties this week adjusting to the attitude I've been getting from a couple of my kids.

Ceteila suggested that I take the high road.

I chafed under her suggestion because I really wanted to tell both Bullard kids to hit the road!

As I've had some time to simmer down, I've considered just how hard taking the high road is. At the same time, I've thought about the benefits that come as a result of taking it.

Here's an illustration.

There is a valley between my house and my neighbor's. Whenever it rains, the valley becomes a muddy mess.

The only way to keep from messing up a perfectly good pair of shoes is to walk on the incline -- the higher road -- close to the house.

Of course, I don't have to walk on the higher ground. I can trudge right through the mud if I choose to.

But, at what cost?

And, is it really worth getting my shoes dirty, especially when I have the ability to keep them clean?

So it is in our marriage.

There will continue to be times when we're presented with the high road and the low road.

Emotionally, we want to take the low road.

Sin is wooing us to throw mud, fuss and fight, defend ourselves, call names, put down, give our spouse a piece of our mind, and everything else that leads to a dysfunctional marriage.

But, at what cost?

Is it really worth getting our marriage dirty, especially when we have the ability to keep it clean?

As you go throughout the weekend, be on the lookout for the low road.

You'll be tempted to walk it.

Instead, purposefully look for the high road, and take it instead.

A clean marriage is a lasting marriage.


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