Beware the sprinkler effect in your marriage

Apr 25, 2021 2:31 pm



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Ever paid close attention to a sprinkler?

It has one job: to water the space around it.

The sprinkler does this well with one exception: it doesn't water the space closest to it. At all.


I've been coordinating the reopening of the church we attend, and have shared detailed information about it with over a thousand people multiple times.

I was shocked this morning when my wife asked me the basics of the reopening, including the day we go back.

I was reminded that it's easy for us to give out and "water" everyone in our circle of influence while inadvertently leaving our spouse and family dry.

I call this the sprinkler effect.

While watering the wider community, let's be intentional about watering our spouse and those we say we love the most.

Besides, if we don't get that right, have we really gotten anything right?