⚠️ Don't miss the webinar today at 1 PM (pay what you want)

Jul 28, 2020 10:31 am


Today at 1 PM we'll host our latest webinar, Blessed Marriage. Messy Marriage.

I GUARANTEE it will help you anticipate confrontations, disagreements, arguments, and headaches in you marriage, then show you practical and Christ-centered ways to handle them so your marriage feels more blessed than messy.

Like all our webinars, you can pay what you want to attend.

Can't make it today at 1 PM? Not a problem. You can register to watch a replay tomorrow, Thursday, or Friday. There will be two replays each day.

To learn more and sign-up, go to webinar.mrgwrks.store.

Don't miss this webinar! It's going to help you have more bless and less mess in your marriage.


ps - This webinar is Pay What You Want so sign-up now and save your space.