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May 14, 2020 4:57 pm


Hello Content Creators!

Thanks again for subscribing (If you got this from a friend, click here to get your own), now let's kick this off with something you can do right now to improve your next piece of content marketing.

10 Seconds to make better content

Open a browser tab with Google. Type in a question about your product, service or category. Scroll down just a bit to find this section:


What else are people searching for that's related to what you're selling? Google knows, and now you do, too. Write a piece of content that answers each of those queries and share it on your blog, social profiles and anywhere else you have an audience.

I made a little video about this here, it's under 2 minutes.

A recent content project


One of the most fun series we've launched on Bikerumor is "How Long Can I Keep Up With... (insert pro cyclist's name here)". It's a total farce, because there's basically no way I'm ever going to keep up with these men and women. That's not what it's about. It's about the story, showing a fun side of a pro athlete's personality while they put me in the pain cave.

I've done a few now, and the latest is with Peter Stetina, a pro roadie turned gravel racer. The joke on the circuit is that he's going to ruin gravel racing by bringing that Euro-pro road racer attitude to it. Nothing could be further from the truth, but we poke some serious fun at him with this throughout the video.

The brand integrations are subtle. Wahoo Fitness (they make GPS cycling computers) and Bike Monkey Events (they host Pete's signature event) underwrote my trip out to California and helped with filming. You'll see some very natural product and event integrations, but it's never a commercial.

There's no sales pitch, but you get the point by the end. This is the kind of project I love doing, let me know if I can help put something together for you.

Cool stuff I've found recently:

1. Joe Van Gogh Coffee- Their Ethiopia Sidamo blend is bonkers good. I like light roasts, and can't stand the burnt flavor of that popular brand on every street corner. This one's smooth, with incredible flavor.

2. Tifosi Gaming Glasses - Yes, some days I wish I could play video games all day. Most days I'm still in front of a screen, just not roaming around an FPS world looking for loot. These glasses block the blue light without looking dorky, so my eyes don't hurt after hours in front of a giant monitor.

3. Birzman Macht Shock Pump - If you're a mountain biker and have air suspension (which is most of us nowadays), you know shock pumps can be big. Not this one. It fits in a jersey pocket, and weighs next to nothing, but works great.

Make it interesting,


Tyler Benedict

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