Another New Speaker Announcement!

Mar 09, 2020 11:10 pm


You'd think we'd be done by now...

But we're still at it! Our latest (and probably final) speaker is Andy Crestodina, CMO of Orbit Media. I just heard him speak at Social Media Marketing World and my head almost exploded. Here's why:

It's hard to measure the impact of "content marketing"

Or maybe not. From an analytics standpoint, it's more complicated, but Andy's session will show you how to drill down into Google Analytics and find all the important data about where your customers are coming from. And what they're doing once they're on your site. And that's just the's an insane session that will likely leave your head spinning a bit, too.

But we got you.

His deck will be available for download after the conference so you can easily recreate the settings on your own Google dashboard and gain insights into how your own content marketing efforts are paying off! If you don't already have Google Analytics set up and plugged into your website, I'd recommend setting that up before you attend so you have data to review once you get home.

Whoa, whoa, whoa...Who's Andy Crestodina?

Andy's a frequent speaker on content marketing and how to measure it. He teaches it at major universities, speaks and leads webinars year round (at some very major events!), and magazines like Forbes and Entrepreneur have ranked him as one of the top experts on such things. He's even written a book about Content Marketing. Check out his speaker profile for more info.

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Tyler Benedict

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