🦉 WoW #121 - Calm your brain down 🦉

Happy Wednesday, Wise Owl Nation!This week was hard to write for a multitude of reasons, the top one being that there is SO MUCH to write about!There's a quote going around lately that I love. It goes something like this - "When you're overthinking,...

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May 18, 2022
🦉 WoW #120 - Crypto Market Breakdown 🦉

Happy Wednesday, Wise Owl Nation!It's been a while since I felt compelled to write about crypto.My stance has stayed the same and the strategy we Whowlians have been using is still rock solid.So why am I writing about it again?Well, some Ponzi scheme...

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May 11, 2022
🦉 WoW #119 - Some Favorite Principles: A Review 🦉

Happy Wednesday, Wise Owl Nation!This week will be a short one!My sister is getting married tomorrow and this week my day job is hosting a week-long workshop for all of the Agile Coaches (that's me!). This just equates to a very busy week.Most other...

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May 04, 2022
🦉 WoW #118 - Time for a Tune Up 🦉

Happy Wednesday, Wise Owl Nation!I often find myself circling back to old topics as I learn more or need to "practice what I preach."The past week I've had quite a bit more time than usual to think, rest, and put my daily life through a tune up. This...

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Apr 27, 2022
🦉 WoW #117 - The Struggle to Commit 🦉

Happy Wednesday, Wise Owl Nation!Wednesday is always my favorite day of the week.It's the day I get to monologue to all of you about some seemingly random topic that's been rattling around in my brain. It's the day I host my weekly online poker night...

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Apr 20, 2022