🦉 WoW #52 - New Beginnings 🦉

Happy Wednesday, Wise Owl Nation!The theme of this week's newsletter is new beginnings. It's a topic I've avoided the entire time I've been writing this newsletter, and it's a topic my fiance Megan has been campaigning for, for...oh about 52 weeks. S...

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Jan 20, 2021
🦉 WoW #51 - Be Curious 🦉

Happy Wednesday, Wise Owl Nation!What a weird week the last seven days have been.I post on Wednesday mornings, so anything that happens later in the day must be recapped or brought up the following week.Anytime something of global significance like t...

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Jan 13, 2021
🦉 WoW #50 - Goals vs. Systems 🦉

Happy Wednesday, Wise Owl Nation!It's a new year now, did you know that?You haven't had that crammed down your throat yet, have you?The great and powerful 2020 is finally behind us, right?While I can't speak for the world, I can speak for me, and in...

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Jan 06, 2021
🦉 WoW #49 - Setting Goals for 2021 🦉

Happy Wednesday, Wise Owl Nation!We have reached the end of the year! Finally.Some of you are planning ahead for 2021, while others of you are looking back at how crazy 2020 was.Then the rest of you haven't given either of these a second thought and...

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Dec 30, 2020
🎄WoW #48 - Happy Holidays!🎄

Happy Wednesday, Wise Owl Nation!Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! My fiance made me promise I'd take a break this week, so this newsletter will be much shorter than usual.I'm so used to writing to you all each week that I still wanted to send you...

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Dec 23, 2020