I Walk in Two Worlds

It dawned on me that I was observing what transpired in Moses’ meeting tent...and that I was standing in two different time periods - 2018 and 1462 B.C.

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Jul 19, 2024
So Much Can Be Achieved When Mediums Work Together

When Mediums Work Together Back in the early 1990’s, my wife Wendy and I were working in the local Spiritualist churches and halls in and around Norfolk and Suffolk. We were quite content with this and had built up a bit of a following in our area, s...

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Jul 05, 2024
The Gallows Hills of England

Explore the eerie remnants of England's Gallows Hills, where the bodies of criminals once hung in chains as a grim warning to others. Uncover chilling tales like Busby's cursed chair and the ghostly hauntings of Gibbet Hill. These macabre sites conti...

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Jul 03, 2024
The Afterlife Equation: E = MC2

Credit: Taton Moise, Unsplash (Part 1 of three.) Albert Einstein’s iconic equation, E = MC2, is part of his special theory of relativity. But it is also a handy summary of what happens when the physical bodies die but the soul/consciousness survives....

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Jun 30, 2024
An Echo Chamber of Skepticism

Dealing with bias is part of life. But what happens when the people claiming to show you how to be unbiased, are themselves quite biased? What if instead of presenting the unvarnished truth, they’re just promoting their own belief system? This is wha...

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Jun 10, 2024