Climbing The Wrong Hill

Hey everyone,Thanks for joining me. Running a newsletter that runs on a regular cadence turns out to be really difficult over the long term, which is why after almost 4 years of struggling to put out an edition on a regular basis (and failing and the...

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Dec 21, 2021
Playing The Right Games

Hey there,Thanks for joining me. It's been awhile now since I've last sent out a post. Part of that comes from realising that a constant cadence might be useful for myself but not so much for you - sometimes there isn't that many items of value then...

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Oct 13, 2021
Hard Work, Careers, and Lottery Tickets

Hey there,Thanks for joining me. It's been a great two weeks just relaxing and pursuing my interests. I've learnt that startups are especially hard if you're not technical, gotten my first dose of the vaccine, and signed up for a gym membership. I of...

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Jul 08, 2021
Talks, Tech, and Toys

Hey there,Thanks for joining me. I just celebrated my 25th birthday on Tuesday, and I'm already starting to feel my age. I'm no longer in university anymore, which means I'm officially in the "real world", so that means I'm in the same boat as most o...

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Jun 24, 2021
The Things We Want

Hey there,Thanks for joining me! This newsletter is a couple of days late because my book notes of Luke Burgis' latest book has taken longer than expected. Suffice to say, it's one of the most fascinating books I've read, and I think you'll enjoy it...

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Jun 12, 2021
How To Be A Contrarian

Forty thousand people gather annually in May at Omaha, Nebraska.  Most of them can’t place the city on a map. That doesn’t stop devotees who come from all over the world to hear Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger speak for five hours. They start queui...

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Jul 15, 2020
The Canvas Strategy: Help Yourself By Helping Others

Before he became a successful epigrammatist, Marcus Valerius Martialis spent most of his early life serving the rich and wealthy. Martialis would perform a variety of tasks for his patron; he would travel with them everywhere they went, clearing thei...

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May 13, 2019
The Knowledge Illusion: Book Summary, Review, Notes

The Book In A Single Sentence Knowledge works in very different and counter-intuitvie ways; perhaps having knowledge isn’t personally very important at all. Personal Thoughts The Knowledge Illusion is a great primer on how knowledge works. Why do we...

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Dec 20, 2018
The Understated Power of Sorting Out Your Priorities

There are far more good opportunities and activities in the world than we realistically have time for. No matter how good the opportunity may be, it can very well still be trivial if it doesn’t help us to reach where we want to go The post The Unders...

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Dec 17, 2018