This had me tickled!

Sep 19, 2022 3:01 am


I pray you find splendid reasons to laugh today…

I wanted to share one of mine... occurred a few weeks ago.

Yours truly did a quick glance at the kids new school’s menu😀😀

And guess what I saw?🤩🤩😲😲





I told my kids and they exclaimed 😫😫😫

“Mommy oh my goodness…what are we going to eat on that day?”😫😫😫

My response? 👀👀Looks like you’re going to be tasting some brown rice.🤣🤣🤣🤣

It was going to be served with a side of grilled chicken and some veggies.

Then they reported me to one of their grandmothers…

The nerves …🙄🙄

My own mother…😅😅😅

Her reply: “Oh that’s good

I’m so proud of you for eating healthy”👵🏽👵🏽

They didn’t know the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree…😊😊

She (their grandmother =my mother) went on:

“Good job eating healthier early…

I wish I had brown rice when I was younger”👍🏾👍🏾

They asked to speak to grandpa …

Grandpa cannot stand brown rice and has asked for me to never make it for him again the last time I tried to.

But grandpa was not available on the video call …😆😆

Me: in the background laughing with pure glee

“You know it’s ONCE a month it’s on your menu”

Try it… it is fibrous but good for you!

As you get used to it… ONCE a month… you may be surprised that you grow to like it”

This letter is meant to make you laugh but it is also a "try something healthier" reminder. It may not be so bad...every once in a while.

I come in peace and with brown rice,

Dr. Tolulope Olabintan


Founder & CEO

Livingspring Family Medical Center

PS: pic is of my mom and I.


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