Words to run with this month!

Sep 01, 2022 1:01 pm

Happy September ,

This month is another month to start fresh!

Every day you're alive is a day of possibility.

A day to do GREAT things.

So this month I pray for the power of focus!

Because the price of greatness is focus!

(Someone shared that with me and it resonated so much, I'm passing it on)

What are things - great things- tagged to a goal you have that require your focus this month?

Working on that house project?

Trying a healthier diet AND sticking to it for the most part?

Starting that walk as exercise stunt you've been evading due to the heat?

That awkward conversation that may lead to you unburdening and setting healthy boundaries that make for your peace?

Spending quality time with loved ones- INTENTIONALLY?

Reading a new book? The Bible perhaps (The book of John and Psalms are my favorites)

I could go on and on...

Be encouraged, as you leverage your power to focus!

On things that make for you living long and well.

PS: please pay this forward; share this with someone that can be encouraged by it!

In health,

Dr. Olabintan


Physician Founder

Livingspring Family Medical Center


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