What If Things Were Different?

Dear Readers,It's halfway through the year, and whilst you might be churning through the monotony of life, you might be feeling like...There is an underlying 'off' current that permeates every facet of your life...Whatever you do, it's not going to l...

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Jul 16, 2024
What's Really Stopping You In Business?

Dear Clients and Friends,Do you ever feel like you're running around in circles in business?Instead of being in a perpetual state of confusion, I've found that when we have a complimentary call with potential clients, they actually know what to do bu...

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Apr 02, 2024
Happy Lunar New Year of the Dragon

Dear Clients and Friends,Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon from 10th February!To prepare for the new year and bring in deeper levels of LIFE Happiness™, it's faster and easier to 'lighten the load' to what's no longer in alignment with the person...

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Feb 08, 2024
Happy New Year!

Dear Clients and Friends,Wishing you all a very Happy New Year filled with new beginnings and adventures.Whilst we are lightening the load to the old, it's important to remember that 2023 had a mix of 'good' and 'bad' experiences that have made us wh...

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Jan 02, 2024