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Jul 04, 2020 2:06 pm




So did anyone move to Tulsa yet? It was a pretty sweet offer so I don’t blame you for thinking about it, BUT that was last week’s TLX and this week we are talking Hazmat House Hunting, which you can read about in the News X Recap 

With everything happening in our country right now my hope is that some July 4th reflection will bring everyone around to the fact that we are E Pluribus Unum. For those of you who didn’t take Latin, it translates to “Out of many, one.” After everything is said and done, we are one big melting pot. Hopefully we all take time to remember that this weekend. 

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Now let’s get this TLX Issue #11 going by kicking it off with the most patriotic gif you will see!


Say Yes Every Day 

Happy 244th birthday America !! This year let’s think about our fond 4th of July memories and remember the joy of being a child in the Summer. No school, going to the beach or the backyard blow up pool (ok maybe that was just me). This week let’s say YES to looking at life through the eyes of a child. - Laura Brandao

The News X Recap!

Buying a House During a Pandemic? “Buying a home in the midst of a global pandemic will either be the wisest or dumbest money move my husband and I ever made... You can read the personal story here

Moving on from weird to GTFO, we have the story of a Couple Pays Mortgage On Home They Can’t Move Into As Tenant Stays Under Eviction Moratorium.

In other news the Supreme Court ruled that the CFPB’s structure is unconstitutional, but people are still trying to figure out what that actually means for the industry. 

Continuing with the trend, Mortgage rates are super-cheap, but the question is why aren’t more people borrowing? Well CNBC is on the case to jump on the lowering demand to imply that this new data is signaling a “potential” slowdown in the housing recovery

Speaking of housing recovery the GSEs extend coronavirus forbearance for multifamily mortgages, renters

And anytime we talk about Forbearance, there is only ONE resource that gives you the information you need, and that is Forbearance Report. Check it out!

Special shout out to Chasity Graff whose content was recently featured in TIME!


The Vieaux

Covid-19 has made this Independence Day different for many of us. The restrictions that we’ve been living under for the last few months have given me a new appreciation for the significance of the holiday and the women and men who have served or continue to serve our country, protecting our continued Independence. 

I’ve been fortunate to have gotten to know a community group focused on helping our Veterans with financial literacy and health with a focus on home ownership and building wealth.I salute Christopher Griffith, Nathan Knottingham and their team at Vetted VA. I am in awe at the selflessness with which this community serves our veterans. There is no expectation expected and they do it because it is the right thing to do and is a small way to give back and show appreciation for the sacrifices they have given so that we can live in the best country on the planet. 

On this Independence Day I am truly thankful to all who gave so much so that each of us can live in the greatest country on the planet. - Brian Vieaux

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The Social X Factors!

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Instagramer - Brian Decker @thebriandecker


Facebooker - Shane Kidwell @TheShaneKidwell


YouTuber - Karin Carr @SixFootRealtor


LinkedIn’er - Christine Beckwith https://www.linkedin.com/in/christine-beckwith-4306724/ 


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Mortgage X Loan Officer & Agent of the Week!

Todd Bitter - JKS Mortgage


Todd is simply a machine. I have yet to come across anyone who does what Todd does as a single LO/Processor shop. For example, June 2020 is his biggest month with 47 funded loans / 15,053,274. If you know a single LO with no team doing that amount of volume in one month, I would love to meet them!

Barb Betts - The Betts Realty Group


Barb Betts is a successful REALTOR®, Broker/CEO, and social media guru. She runs a thriving boutique brokerage that looks at the real estate industry in an entirely new way. This innovative thinking has made her a sought-after speaker and educator both locally and nationally.

The Vendor X-Pert of the Week

This week we are highlighting Mortgage X partner, Leadpops

My friend Andrew Pawlak and his team have created something awesome with Leadpops. Just take a quick look at their reviews to see that they prefer for their customers at a high level. If you are not familiar with Leadpops, their services include Conversion-Focused Mortgage Originator Websites & Lead Generation Funnels PLUS Managed Marketing Services for Facebook and google. 

For more information you can use this link to schedule a demo. You will receive the Mortgage X discount when you sign up!

Web X of the Week

AIME: Weekly Sales Meeting - Anthony Casa, Barry Habib, and Rene Rodriguez

Usually I put the Weekly Sales Meeting in the News Recap, but I felt this episode deserved to be highlighted. Highly recommended you check it out. 

Voice X

What we are listening to - Presented by REAL Disrupt

Positively Charged Biz - Art Sobczak

Blondes Have More Funds - So You're A First Time Homebuyer? Here's What You Need To Know!

Laugh, Lend, and Eat - Meet the Recruiters

Next Level Loan Officers - The Power of Being Hyper-Local w/Travis Scott

The Confident Closers - What is the First step to becoming an Influential Leader?

Culture Matters - Stan Middleman: People are Fascinating

Charlotte Real Estate Buzz - Standing Out, Serving Well and Staying Joyful with Preston Sandlin

Mortgage X - Finding Your Calling & Career in the Mortgage Industry w/Nicole Peraino

75x (Mortgage X Series) - Cutting All the BS and Getting Down to Business with 75 Hard

Marketing Interrupt - The Blog Article Everyone Should Be Doing Right Now

Meme of the Week


Posted by several people this week - Daniel Rettig is where I saw it first though.

If you have a meme you would like featured send it to frazier@marketinginterrupt.com

Pathfinder X Marketing

Tip of the Week: Value Leads to Success

If you want to achieve great results in your business, you have to bring value to your community/market. As long as you bring value your business can weather pretty much any storm, even a pandemic. 

So my tip of the week is to buy dinner. Ok, it is a little more involved than that, but here is the gist. 

Pick a local eatery that could use some love and support. Donate 300, 500, or whatever you can afford to buy dinner for those that visit the establishment. You can create a great marketing campaign around this while partnering up with the local business to get the word out. Let them know that you are buying dinner until the tab is full and encourage the people who missed out to order from the eatery anyway. 

You can supercharge this by teaming up with some partners in your local market to get some bigger spend. Be the professional who helps their local businesses and brings value to the community outside of what you do as a loan officer or agent. 

John Smith of the Charlotte Real Estate Buzz Podcast has done this a few times in his local market if you are looking for tips!

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Laura Brandao is giving away multiple copies so we will continue with Everything Is Negotiable: The 5 Tactics to Get What You Want in Life, Love, and Work by Dr. Meg Meyers Morgan. 

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