🔥 -32.9%?!?! Holy Schnikes! - The Letter X

THE LETTER XISSUE #15Presented by: AFR WholesaleDoes anyone say “holy schnikes” anymore? Well they should and in fact I am bringing it back in with this issue of TLX!As I am sure you saw posted by the numerous Facebook Economists, the Bureau of Econo...

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Aug 01, 2020
🔥 I cannot believe you Tweeted that! | The Letter X

THE LETTER XISSUE #13Presented by: PitchHubSeriously, I am shocked! In case you didn’t see the news, Twitter had its worst targeted hack in its 14yr history. You had people like Elon Musk, Former President Obama, Bill Gates, and others sending out tw...

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Jul 18, 2020
🔥 Welcome to Hazmat House Hunting? | The Letter X

THE LETTER XISSUE #11So did anyone move to Tulsa yet? It was a pretty sweet offer so I don’t blame you for thinking about it, BUT that was last week’s TLX and this week we are talking Hazmat House Hunting, which you can read about in the News X Recap...

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Jul 04, 2020
I will pay you $10k to move to Tulsa! | The Letter X

THE LETTER XISSUE #10Tulsa Oklahoma! A state that has a lot of meaning to me as I am a member of the Choctaw Tribe. Oklahoma is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning "red people". But changing colors to GREEN you can find about the $...

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Jun 27, 2020
Want to Buy a Town? | The Letter X

THE LETTER XISSUE #9Happy Saturday! I am excited for this issue of TLX because we are trying a new format and adding some extra spice! Make sure to read to the end to see if you won a free copy of Alec Hanson’s book, Bypassed. Win $50! - You wil...

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Jun 20, 2020
Do You Even Content, Bro? Sis? | The Letter X

THE LETTER XTLX Issue #7Before we start I want to say that I appreciate all of you who reads TLX every Saturday. I love getting the messages and emails, as it helps me know that I am on the right track with this un-newsletter. Second, I would be remi...

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Jun 06, 2020