Surfshark VPN Review India (2024): Best Affordable VPN?

Sick of online restrictions? Want to browse anonymously? VPNs unlock this power and are becoming increasingly essential!  For the past three years, I’ve been searching for the perfect VPN, testing everything from free options to paid ones. With hundr...

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Jun 27, 2024
FFT #02 - Level Up Your Audio (For Free!)

Hey ,It's Friday, and we're bringing the polish to your audio with this week's Free Friday Tool (FFT)!Introducing Adobe Podcast AI! This free tool uses AI magic to transform your recordings from "bedroom studio" to "broadcast quality."Here's what you...

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Mar 22, 2024
AI Weekly: Europe's AI Law & India's AI Future

Hi , Exciting News! Introducing AI Weekly!Get ready for the future with AI Weekly , your one-stop shop for the latest and most impactful news in Artificial Intelligence. Every week, I'll deliver 3 key updates that will keep you informed about this ra...

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Mar 21, 2024