7 Top Reasons Why You Should Get a Life Coach

,Let us not beat around the bush. As you may know, I am a life coach and strategist. I help people like you level up their impact so they can be salt and light to their areas of influence.Today, I will be sharing with you 7 reasons why you should get...

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Apr 18, 2022
A Timely Guide to Planning Your Week

Most of us attack the week one day at a time. We get to the office on Monday, track down a cup of coffee, and then try to figure out what all is going on. Consider how things could work out better if you have a weekly plan for your life before you wa...

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Feb 28, 2022
Let's Connect!

Hi ,I am reaching out to you because you were on my mind. I know you are really busy, so I won't take up too much of your time. You are receiving this email because you have attended one or more of my virtual events in the past 12-18 months. I am so...

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Feb 22, 2022
Overcome Procrastination With Mini-Tasks

echnique addresses one of the most common causes of procrastination on larger projects: uncertainty about where to get started. For example, writing a book is a sequence of achievable tasks, but people frequently have a difficult time even getting st...

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Feb 21, 2022
Why Being Busy Can be Unproductive

  Busyness is practically a disease today. We all cram as much as we can into our seemingly limited time. Yet being busy isn’t the same as getting things done.  Haven’t you had a day where you felt like you didn’t have a minute to spare, yet you stil...

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Feb 02, 2022
Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Don’t you have dreams, visions or plans about things you’d love to have or accomplish? Having the dream is the easy part. Making it a reality can be more challenging. However, the good news is that there are proven techniques that can get you from wh...

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Jan 31, 2022