Hi Again! (Book Lover)

Jan 20, 2023 12:06 am


Hi Again!

How do you prefer to read books?

Paperback, ebook, audiobook?

Also, where do you get most your books?

Library, Freebies, Kindle Unlimited, other?

(Hit reply and let me know.)

I just started publishing and don't know how I want to reach romance lovers.

There are readers lurking in every virtual book nook, but I'm not sure which nook I like the most.

A few weeks ago, you grabbed this story through a freebie giveaway promotion.


Did you know I have another one in this series?

But right now, the only place you can find Burn After Reading is on this little virtual reading nook called "Kindle Vella."

Have you heard of it?

If you haven't, keep reading.

If you have and hate it, please don't unsubscribe. As soon as I finish Book 2 in this series (which I'm currently working on,) I'll be publishing my stories on regular Kindle.

What if you don't read on Kindle or the Kindle App at all?

Okay, maybe then we're not a match, unless you like promos like the ones I'm showcasing in the PS section of this email. (Or want to wait for the audiobook format.)

Anyway. Back to the point.

What is Kindle Vella?

Okay. Bare with me. This is going to be long. If you're not interested, skip down to the next bolded title.

Kindle Vella is basically the same thing as reading on Kindle, but you can grab the first 3 chapters of any book for free (similar to downloading a preview on Kindle.) After that, you need to use "tokens" to purchase additional chapters of a story. If you're new to Kindle Vella, you can grab some tokens free to try it out, otherwise you can purchase them through Amazon.

The big thing with Kindle Vella is many of the stories are ongoing serials.

What the heck are serials?

How many of you are old enough to remember the old days, before entire seasons of TV shows were dropped on Netflix, where every week, a new episode of your favorite show came out for your enjoyment. Then, you'd wait an entire week for another episode.

For some readers who devour books, this is annoying (those readers should focus on the Vellas that are marked as "Complete") but other readers LOVE this concept. They can enjoy their favorite characters and stories week after week, avoiding that empty feeling when you finish a book and there's nothing else to read in that world.

Want to see how Kindle Vella Looks? Here is my story Burn After Reading. Once you click the title or the cover and are on Amazon's page, make sure you click the little key button up in the right hand corner to (hopefully) claim some free tokens. (Note: this only works for readers in the USA. If you're not based there, I have a different option for you while we wait for Vella to be released in your country. Hit "reply" and let me know where you're from and I'll help you out with a different link.)


As a reader, what I like about Kindle Vella is that all the stories I start flow over to my Kindle App on my phone and to my Kindle Paperwhite. I can keep up without needing to use my computer.

As an author, what do I like about Kindle Vella?

Posting single episodes motivates me to keep writing. I love sharing my imagination with readers and Kindle Vella lets me get that gratification sooner. Also, right now, they are paying authors decent for using their platform. This helps fund editors and other expenses of publishing a book.

If you checked out Kindle Vella, please let me know what you think.

After this email, you'll only hear from me once monthly or less often. I hope my next email, I'll be able to give you some news about the next book in this series or the date when the books will also be available through regular Kindle.

Happy Reading,

Madison Joy

P.S. If you had time to read the freebie you downloaded Brewing Trouble, I still would like to know what you thought of the story. It was my first contemporary romance novella and any feedback you have will help me craft my next story.

P.S.S. Here are some other group promotions I'm participating in to help me find readers. I hope you discover something new to read.