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Jan 28, 2023 2:08 pm



Hi! I'm Charlotte.

Maybe you've heard of me?

As Charlotte the Spider, I've always been a fan of words. Spinning my web and capturing insects is one thing, but there's something truly magical about the way words can be strung together to create stories and convey meaning.

So when I heard about a writer who had just published her 31st book, I was absolutely thrilled! Over thirty books is an impressive accomplishment, and I couldn't wait to read them all!

But as it turns out, the writer wasn't quite as thrilled as I was. In fact, she was

struggling with something called imposter syndrome. Have you heard of it? It's

when someone feels like they don't deserve what they've achieved, and

they're constantly worried that they'll be exposed as a fraud. In this writer’s

case, a less-than-awesome book launch, a few negative reviews, and hearing about other’s instant success caught her in a web of self-doubt and exhaustion.

I can't imagine how tough that must be. Imagine pouring your heart and soul into 31 books, only to feel like you don't deserve the recognition that

comes with it. It's heartbreaking. But it gets even worse. The writer was also dealing with burnout. She was exhausted from the constant pressure to produce (that she put on herself) and he just couldn't seem to find the motivation to write anymore.

As a spider, I don't have to worry about things like imposter syndrome or burnout. My job is simple: spin my web and catch some bugs. But for a writer, it's a whole different ballgame. It's hard work, and it can be emotionally and mentally draining.

As Charlotte the Spider, I'm thrilled to report that the writer has had a happy ending! After taking a break from writing for two years, she found that she missed the craft and the connection it brought her with her readers.

So, she decided to give writing another try. It wasn't easy at first, but as she got

back into the swing of things, she rediscovered his love for crafting stories

and hearing how others enjoyed her creations.

The writer's imposter syndrome and burnout are still there, lurking in the background. But she is determined to overcome them and keep writing. And you know what? She succeeded!

Her 32nd book is now on the virtual shelves! And she's continued to write and publish more books since then.

She's even gained new fans along the way.

It just goes to show that sometimes, taking a break and finding your way back to something you love can be exactly what you need. And if you're struggling with imposter syndrome or burnout, remember that it's okay to take a step back and recharge.

You never know what might be waiting for you on the other side.

With Love,

Charlotte the Spider.

(Have you read my book? Charlotte's Web? I hear it's a classic.)

Note from the writer mentioned above:


It's me, Joy. (I hope you remember me.)

I'm here, held captive by a spider in the corner of my RV (which is currently in Alabama.)

But I'm back writing because I simply need something to do to fill my free time that's better than watching TV and aimlessly searching the internet.

And why not do what I love?

Things are a bit different now. I'm using a program called Kindle Vella to motivate me to write. I know it's not available to readers outside of the USA, so I have other ways to grab the books while we wait for them to be released on regular kindle. If you want to see how this program works, I wrote a blog post about it here. I have a new book being published on this platform now, it's called, Nemesis: A Girl's Guide to Supervillainy and has been a hoot to write!

I also dipped my toes in writing contemporary romance/romantic comedy under a (semi-secret) pen name (on Kindle Vella.) I'm not sure how I feel about this new genre yet. You might be able to find a freebie I wrote in one of the two romance freebie links at the end of this email. (Or hit reply and I'll send you a link to the two books.)

Oh, and on a different note, my Angels of Sojourn box set is on sale right now for only 99 cents. If you don't have all three of these novels in your collection, it might be worth picking it up with this special price.

Thanks for reading and being patient!

More to come,



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