An unintended break.

On September 22, 2020, I published my first newsletter. To start, I didn't commit to any regular schedule, I just knew this was a habit that I wanted to cultivate. To my surprise, things went better than expected. Despite no commitment, I successfull...

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Jan 13, 2021
🎁 The gift of invisibility.

Jon Acuff, in his book Quitter: Closing the gap between your dream job & your day job, reflects on his first blog that almost no one read and that didn't grow despite him showing up and writing for an entire year.Looking back on it, I needed that...

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Oct 20, 2020
A day without any to-dos.

Yesterday was a pretty rough day for me. Over the past 8+ years, I've had a lot of pretty rough days and a lot of very rough days thanks to three concussions and a neck injury. It's taken a lot of time and a lot of hard work, but thankfully the rough...

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Oct 13, 2020
You're probably accomplishing more than you realize.

I just spent the last half hour researching how to fix my computer. For the last few weeks, its start-up time has gotten longer and longer. Unfortunately, this isn't the first half hour I've spent on this problem. I've tried four different things so...

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Oct 06, 2020
The day after.

Last Tuesday night I sent out my very first email newsletter. This felt like such a big win for me. It's something that I'd been meaning to do for a while now, but, like so many other things, it just sat on my overflowing back burner.But I finally to...

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Sep 29, 2020
Why I finally started an email newsletter.

A newsletter for those who don't have it figured out, from someone who hasn't figured it out yet either.Hi, I'm Jenelle and I'm currently (still) in the process of trying to "get my life together." This newsletter will be a tool for me to document sa...

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Sep 23, 2020