Can you partner with AI?

Apr 04, 2023 3:09 pm

TLDR; My new book PEERtainment, The Golden Age of Social Media is Over is available now on Amazon in print and digital.

As I see it, you have two problems you need to worry about:

  1. Your social media gets less effective every day.
  2. AI is threatening your industry, job, or how your marketing is done.

In PEERtainment, I offer the solution to both of these problems.

I will be discussing this today on Amazon Live:

10am Pacific Time | 1 pm Eastern Time | 2 pm Atlantic Time


Here are the basics of the solutions to these two problems:


I discovered the new metrics that tell these PEERtainment networks to distribute your content is different than traditional image&text social media. Doesn't matter if it's a video, a short, a TikTok, or a podcast. In the book you can learn to create content that spreads on these modern networks, such as TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Amazon Live, Patreon, Shorts, Reels... You could even get paid to spread your message while growing your business.


AI determines what you see in search and it determines which videos, songs, and podcasts get suggested to you. AI can write, create images, and make video. AI can analyze massive amounts of data in seconds.

GPT4 even hired a human to handle a task it couldn't complete when they were testing it. It paid a human to do a task it needed help with and did it without being asked to so! Think about that for a few seconds.

Discussing the morality of AI and if we should be continuing its development is an interesting topic, but I'm afraid that the genie is out of the bottle. It's here and we need to take action. We need to use it for good. :)

I suggest that we PARTNER with AI. We try to align our content with the goals of the AI systems that manage the platforms we use. We align the content we need to create with the help of generative AI systems. To illustrate this, the Foreword in the book is written by a trained version of ChatGPT.

If you've heard enough and just want the book, here is the link for both the USA and Canadian versions.



Otherwise, I'll see you in a couple of hours on Amazon Live!