Can you partner with AI?

Apr 17, 2023 9:45 pm

Amazing AI NEWS

In testing, a version of GPT4 hired a human to handle a task it couldn't complete (answering a captcha). To finish its task, it decided to pay a human to do a task it needed help with (using taskrabbit) and did it without being asked.

Think about that for a few seconds.

What's worse, (or better depending how you look at it) is that the person it hired asked, jokingly, if they were a robot, and it reasoned that being honest might not allow it to complete its task... so it lied to the person intentionally.

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Meme of the Week

"Everyone stop. You folks got too far ahead of my company so I need time to catch up..."


Guest Spotlight


Dr. Robert Nagourney presents the findings of a 20-year cancer research project with more than 10,000 case studies .

His study shows using Functional Profiling by testing a patient's own cancer cells, improves survival rates by nearly double for almost every cancer, including the most severe and hard to treat. Also improving survival chances for patients who are not responding to treatment. It even saves the medical system time, resources, and money. So why does no one know you can get it done?

Twenty-year Study Confirms the Accuracy of Laboratory Prediction of Response to Cancer Chemotherapy (

Check out this article about a guy who was told by his doctor to go to hospice, but someone suggested he try getting a Functional Profiling test... and it found a treatment that would work on his Stage IV cancer.

Get Ready for Summer


These guys make the best Adirondack Chairs in the world. So, what did they name their company? Find out here.

My New Book Is Out

My new book PEERtainment, The Golden Age of Social Media is Over is available now on Amazon in print and digital.


In the book I suggest that there is a new set of guidelines to promote our business or our message, and I also suggest that we PARTNER with AI.

We try to align our content with the goals of the AI systems that manage the platforms we use. We align the content we need to create with the help of generative AI systems. To illustrate this, the Foreword in the book is written by a trained version of ChatGPT.



You should only read this book if you want your business to be relevant in the next few years.