The Golden Age of Social Media is Over

Mar 14, 2023 12:35 pm

Have you rested up again since the Spring-Forward time change ?

Who Took Your Sleep Away?

In one meme, there is a photo of Michael Scott (The Office) looking tired and it said, "How you look when the government steals an hour of sleep from you."

If you search for who invented daylight savings time, and you're in the USA, Google will tell you Benjamin Franklin invented it. In Europe, it will tell you a German invented it during WW1. In other parts of the world, you will find it was invented in 1895 by entomologist George Hudson of New Zealand.

Take those search results with a grain of salt! They are customized to you and your region, but aren't guaranteed to be accurate! (it's not just ChatGPT that needs fact-checking!)

What is PEERtainment?

The new book "PEERtainment" by Matt Rouse explores the rise of peer-created entertainment networks, such as YouTube & YouTube Shorts, Twitch, Patreon, Amazon Live, and TikTok as well as parts of old social media, like Reels on Facebook and Instagram.

The term "PEERtainment" coined by the author highlights the key aspect of these networks which is broadcast-quality entertainment made independently, by our peers. Peer-generated Entertainment = PEERtainment.

The book explores the potential for PEERtainment networks for both creators and brands, as well as the combination of human connection and AI technology, making PEERtainment networks a formidable force in the entertainment industry.

  • MASSIVE VALUE for creators and entrepreneurs - no fluff.
  • Discover WHAT determines a PEERtainment Network.
  • Find out HOW they work and how you can align your goals with theirs.
  • The DIFFERENCE between Creators and Influencers.
  • The OPPORTUNITY for entrepreneurs to BUILD a business or GROW their existing business.
  • Learn WHY people are leaving traditional social media.
  • How you can PARTNER with AI for massive growth.
  • WRITTEN and EDITED by actual humans, except the Foreward...

This opportunity appears at the collision point of several technologies and hasn't happened since the early 2000s with the rise of the original social networks. This time, it's about AI, peer-created entertainment, high-speed Internet, and recording tech, all coming together.

Become a CREATOR.


SPREAD your message.

GROW your audience.

If you are interested in pre-ordering the book, which will be released on April 4th, you can order a digital copy for Kindle. It's also already reached the top 50 in New Releases in both the USA and Canada!

PEERtainment on Amazon USA

PEERtianment on Amazon Canada

I am excited to share this book with current research and strategies that we are using to grow businesses now. I'd love to answer your questions too, so just hit reply if you have anything you want to ask me!

~Matt Rouse

(author of PEERtianment)