Beach Cleanup

Feb 28, 2021 2:18 pm


Are you the type of person who cares about our oceans?

We're celebrating the opening of our new Canadian location, Hook DM Canada, in Nova Scotia, by sponsoring a Beach Cleanup!

And we want you to commit to 40 hours of muddy, wet, cold beach cleanup.

Just kidding!

We're going to do the beach cleanup, but you can help, and you can help without pulling out your wallet.

We're thinking about holding a contest giving away jewelry pieces made from recycled beach glass by a local business in the Annapolis Valley in Atlantic Canada. Each purchase we make will help fund beach cleanup to help our polluted oceans. AND Matt, Kari, and Faith will clean up the beaches in the Annapolis River Basin and share the photos on our socials.

"But, what do I have to do?" you ask.

Well, that part will be easy.

Each time you like one of our pages, posts, or videos, you'll get an entry to win. No purchasing required. Just a few clicks.

Is that something that you'd be interested in?

Reply to this email if you think it's a good idea.


P.S. If we get 20 replies, we're going to set up the contest and buy the prizes.