Oct 03, 2022 11:40 am

While Crypto Winter (and soon-to-be actual winter) is upon us. I know things may look a little bleak but we have been HODL-ing strong (not selling our coins) because we firmly believe that this is all just a readjustment, like the Dot Com Crash of the early 2000s.

That means if coins do go back up again (the ones who survive) then they will have a solid business model and real value.

Just like the $BBT coin on!

If you have a account already (or not) use this link to create one and claim 10 free coins! (expired next Friday)

BBT Show Hosts Meet In Person For The First Time Ever


Season 3 of the show is recorded and season two is currently being released one episode at a time on YouTube. You can watch the shows here:

Holly, Matt, and Scott all just met in person for the first time at the Phoenix SMB Expo last week. What a fun time. Met a lot of fun business people, made more plans for our show and community, and did a lot of eScootering around downtown Phoenix.

Have a great week.

~Matt, Holly, and Scott