The tourism wave is coming...

Apr 05, 2021 3:22 pm

Good news!

All signals point to a huge tourism and hospitality/retail boom coming out of the ashes of the pandemic. But with infections still rising in the USA and vaccine roll-outs still going, you still have time to prepare your business.

Even if your business isn't retail, hospitality, or tourism-related, it doesn't mean you can't prepare. Once people start spending more money, consumer confidence improves and that means spending could come your way. Also, many companies who are going to boom will need B2B services, and their employees will need personal services too.

It's time to get ready to ride the wave.

  1. Make sure your digital assets, like your website and social media, are up to date and reflect how you do business now.
  2. Ensure your processes are in place to allow for added capacity.
  3. Check your systems for fulfilling client orders or services and make sure your follow-up is in place.

Let's do this, people!