Beach Cleanup Contest is a Go!

Mar 05, 2021 12:37 am

Great news,

Turns out that a lot of you folks care about our Oceans!

Pat yourself on the back for being a fabulous citizen of the world and for being in the company of so many other wonderful people like yourself.

Here are some of the many responses we received about holding a beach cleanup contest:

"That’s a great idea, Matt!" ~Randy D. in Halifax, NS

(a Local Nova Scotia businessperson I met through BNI)

"Yes yes yes! Brilliant! Count us in!" ~Ocean L. in Maui, HI

(yes, her name really is Ocean)

"Great idea although, the words “beach cleanup” and the photos that you have been posting of the icy, freezing temperatures in which you live, do not go hand-in-hand… Ha, Ha!" ~Lori B., Portland, OR

(Don't worry Lori, we'll be fine!)

For the next step, I reached out, without warning, to who I spotted doing beach cleanup on one of the local social media sites doing... ding! ding! You guessed it... Beach Cleanup!

They hand make jewelry, like bracelets and earrings, out of recovered beach glass from the Atlantic Ocean. The best part is, for every product they sell, they go out and collect at least one pound of beach garbage and recycling.


I told them my idea to buy their products to support our beach cleanup initiative, and as you could imagine, they were thrilled.

So now with just a few clicks, you can enter to win prizes and help clean up our oceans, no purchase required.

Stop blabbing and take me to the contest already...


P.S. We already recovered some garbage, a whole lot of cabling, and an old tire from our local beach!