You can literally watch sales happen.

Mar 24, 2021 5:03 pm

Today I was working on a client's email marketing for their multiple eCommerce shops.

I wrote their emails for this week and sent them to their lists.

Then I had lunch.

It was chili. It was pretty good and not suicide hot, just a little hint of spice.

When I got back, they had sales where so far today they had not yet had any sales.

$1071.80 in an hour.

More than their sales on any non-email marketing day, except for a few sales spikes here and there.

Now it's $1151.60 since I was writing this.

Email marketing works.

Not every person's list will have the same results, but you can get the idea here. If you're not sending marketing emails, you're losing money.

Plain and simple.

I wrote an email marketing course if you need help getting started or if you have a list and aren't getting sales from it.

You can find it here for under a hundred bucks: Inbox Mastery

If your company has a budget of over $600/month to take your company's email marketing to the next level, reply to this email or have a Virtual Coffee with Matt.

Now get out there and be profitable!

~Matt Rouse