Content Marketing and AI

Jun 28, 2023 12:25 pm

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On the Digital Marketing Masters Podcast this week, I interviewed Beth Kapes (linkedIn) who has a background in journalism and has been running a professional copywriting company for decades.

Beth and I discuss how you can use AI right now for marketing your business or helping your clients. What you can and can't do with AI right now.

- Beth Kapes: the Impact of AI in Copywriting and Journalism (241) by Hook SEO Digital Marketing podcast | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

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If you need someone to speak about AI for marketing and productivity to your audience, podcast, business group, or at your event, reply to this email and ask me to speak at your event!

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Midjourney 5.2 Released

The image generation AI system, Midjourney, has a new version and can do some pretty amazing things.

When you use Midjounrey, it creates 4 images from a text prompt, such as "Photo of Space Tourism".


Then you can "regenerate" to make new images or select the image you want to work with. I am selecting "upscale image 3" which is the astronaut on the space-quad. (bottom left)

The new part is you can now select to "Zoom Out" 1.5x or 2x, or you can "vary" the content of the image either a little (subtle) or a lot (strong). You would use "vary" to fix things like changing the way the subject is positioned or maybe changing the background a little. It uses the same "seed" to create the new image so it will be similar, but a little bit different.

First, I am selecting Zoom Out 2x.


Next, I selected "Vary (subtle)". Hoping o fix what looks like a foot coming out of the bottom left of the machine the astronaut is riding, or maybe get rid of it altogether as it's a bit hard to decipher what that is.



Here is my space tourist off exploring the galaxy.

But it's not all sci-fi and spacewalks. Here is some "stock" photos.

prompt: stock photo of a family at a picnic


prompt: closeup product photo of a cappuccino in a red cup


If you have an audience who wants to know more about the possibilities of AI and the practical uses for these systems, talk to me about speaking at your event, or as a podcast guest.

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Matt Rouse