Will AI Take My Job?

Sep 20, 2023 11:47 am

Hello fellow humans!

Matt's new book "Will AI Take My Job?" is available for presale now - being released on October 3rd. Less than two weeks from now!


Who is this book for?

  • Employees, Freelancers, and Job Seekers
  • Small Business Owners and Tradespeople
  • Anyone who is curious about AI and why it's such a big deal all of a sudden
  • People who want to know if AI is going to replace their job or their industry

It includes an explanation of why AI has exploded since the release of ChatGPT and generative AI. (Image creators, music makers, text-to-speech, digital avatars... get a basic understanding of AI to amaze your friends, your clients, and your boss.)

In the book, I explain how these complex systems function with the fewest technical terms possible - and why people think they could be dangerous.

And a look at more than two dozen industries and how AI is affecting them now as well as the next few years.

Sources of data and information included, and written by a real human, me!

Are You Close To Retirement?

If not, you should probably read this book.

Grab your copy now.