Digital Marketing - Exploring the Why

Dec 27, 2022 7:57 pm


The Digital Marketing Mini Summit - Exploring the Why is happening tomorrow.

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Digital Marketing - Exploring the Why

Live and Online December 28, 2022

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In three hour short hours, five experts will dig into why you should be using these digital marketing channels in 2023. And why you shouldn’t be using the channel.

Look at these great speakers 😎

➡️ Sonia Simone - Why Content Marketing Creates an Evolutionary Advantage

➡️ Our very own, Matt Rouse - Winning SEO Strategies for 2023

➡️ Michael (Buzz) Buzinski - The Four Whys of Digital Advertising

➡️ David Chapman - How to Make Google Ads Work for You

➡️ Rich Bontrager - Why Video Makes Sense in 2023

Don’t hesitate; take part now and unlock new opportunities that can drive growth success! Spots are limited, so grab your ticket to the Digital Marketing - Exploring the Why Summit today!

You’ll be blown away by the knowledge that will be shared at this three-hour event!

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Matt Rouse

PS: I'll also be sharing some 2023 info from my new book, PEERTAINMENT - The Golden Age of Social Media is Over.