Summer Lovin' (and updates)

Aug 12, 2020 1:46 pm

Hi there,

I know Summer is a time for most people to take a little time off, unless you're in some industries like Real Estate, then this is your peak money-making season! But for most of you, it's time to slow down a little before getting back on track next month. I'll keep this short, with just a few updates for you.

First update - we've switched from MailChimp to SendFox. More on that another day...

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New Episodes on the DMM Podcast


🗒️ 098 - Business Matchmaking with Joe Koufman of Setup

What is business matchmaking? With thousands of different marketing and sales agencies out there, how do you find one? Click here to listen

🗒️ 097 - How Well-Being Leads To Success with Susan James

Is a new model of business possible where it's vision and purpose-driven? Can well-being lead to success? Can we learn to be present? I ask these questions and have a deep conversation with Susan James from Self Discovery Life Mastery. Click here to listen

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