Apr 07, 2021 12:44 pm

Happy spring,

The birds are out singing, and the spring breeze is bringing warming weather and those April showers for the May flowers.

And like the showers that bring the flowers of the future, you should be planting seeds now, and not just in your raised garden beds you researched during lockdowns.

If you want your customers to flock to your business this Summer, it's time to do the work now. Here's three ways to do it.

  1. Outreach (take the free outreach challenge)
  2. Networking (just reply if you need help finding a group)
  3. Collaborations

Collaborations are a great way to help others and expand your audience at the same time. Maybe you run an automotive business and partner with an insurance agent for a safety fair? You could be an eCommerce store and partner with a charity to run a contest or raise funds with every purchase? You could trade podcast appearances with another podcaster or swap newsletter mentions with someone who also has a list serving similar customers.

There are lots of ways to collaborate and you can use your networking and outreach to find people to collaborate with.

Now go out and be profitable!


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