Now Hiring!

Hello and Happy Wednesday!I hope you are having a fantastic week and celebrating the blue sky and sunshine!Such a beautiful sight to see!Things are picking up here at the Center, and we’re looking to add a couple team members.Can you bring a lot of w...

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Apr 10, 2024
Looking for case study participants

Hello and Happy Friday!We just launched a case study and are looking for 10 participants this month to take part in our new Contour Light Bundle package (see early results in the PS).In return they will receive a large discount. Is this something you...

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Apr 05, 2024
11lbs and 7 inches in...

Happy Friday my HOC family!I've got some big news to share!🎉 We have a client, a real go-getter, who's combined the superpowers of Contour Light with our brand-new supplement. In just 2 weeks, she's released 11 lbs and 7 inches!That's not a typo...

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Mar 15, 2024

Happy Wednesday! WOW – Talk about making waves! The response to my last email was nothing short of amazing. It seems like I struck a chord, and your flood of replies tells me you're more than ready for a real change.But here's the kick...

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Mar 06, 2024
There’s a $500 credit in your account

Happy Friday! It’s Tim Fitzgerald from the Human Optimization Center, and I’ve got some questions for you…Are you frustrated with temporary fixes like diet plans and fitness regimes that promise quick results but fail to deliver lasting changes? ...

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Mar 01, 2024
Can PEMF Really Help With All of These and More?

PEMF therapy has been clinically proven to help with SO MANY health issues. So I decided to put together a massive reference sheet that shows some (there are hundreds of more studies) of the published research available. There’s 96 items on t...

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Dec 01, 2021
A patient cured is a customer lost

It must be a tough time to be in big pharma right now… With so many people spreading misinformation and asking awkward questions. And Ivermectin must be a real pain in the butt too... Because here’s a medication that’s dirt cheap, widely available, a...

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Oct 12, 2021
The Energy Blueprint Program: A Review

There’s something that everyone in the world wants: and that’s more energy. Whether you’re a parent with 3 kids, a college student, or in your retirement years, you can probably relate. And so can I. Now, I do everything in my power to boost my...

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Sep 03, 2021
The Pain Fix Protocol: A Review

The Pain Fix Protocol is a program created by Dr. Yoni Whitten to overcome pain from the comfort of your own home. It’s been on the market for quite a while and has a wealth of testimonials to back its success. The PFP (Pain Fix Protocol)’s mi...

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Aug 27, 2021
Nitrogen Vs. Electronically Cooled Air Cryotherapy

Chilling out has a whole new meaning. Whether dealing with knee pain from a recent surgery or you just want to recover more quickly from a hard workout, cryotherapy has proven to have a place in the lifestyles of the healthy and happy. Not a...

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Oct 26, 2020