Mar 06, 2024 6:30 pm

Happy Wednesday! 

WOW – Talk about making waves! 

The response to my last email was nothing short of amazing. 

It seems like I struck a chord, and your flood of replies tells me you're more than ready for a real change.

But here's the kicker – amidst this flurry of excitement, our stock is rapidly depleting. 

We've only got 7 bottles left of our nature-powered supplement, and they're being snatched up as we speak.

By now you're well aware of the buzz about Ozempic, right? 

It's the talk of the town... for all the wrong reasons.

It's the promise of weight loss without the work — the quick fix.

But the cost?

Your peace of mind.

Side effects range from the uncomfortable to downright dangerous — stomach paralysis, gallstones, pancreatitis, and an intrusive weekly injection looking back at you from your calendar.

I'm guessing that wasn't part of the dream.

You're wiser than that.

You know deep down that pumping your body full of toxins to drop a few sizes is like putting a band-aid on a broken arm - it barely covers the problem and, frankly, can make things a whole lot worse.

Don't get left behind wondering "what if."

This isn't just about getting in shape; it's about reclaiming your health without risking it on drugs with their laundry list of side effects.

Remember that natural supplement?

It's a flower extract, mother nature's answer to those pharmaceutical concoctions.

No risks, just results.

And it gives you the power to curb your appetite the way your body intended: safely and sustainably.

Here's the scoop, I'm sharing with you because you deserve to release weight without compromising your health:

💪 Curb Your Appetite Naturally

 🌿 Made from a Unique Flower Extract

 🥼 Backed by Clinical Trials

 🚫 Zero Nasty Side Effects

Join the savvy few who are turning their backs on toxic pharma drugs and embracing a clean, effective weight release journey.

Combine this with Contour Light and it's your golden ticket, the 1-2 punch for safe and fast weight release.

We're down to the wire here, and your opportunity to harness this powerful combo is dwindling by the minute.

Plus, for a little extra encouragement, I've put a $500 credit in your account towards your success in our CRP program.

By now, you know our natural supplement is your out from the Ozempic ordeal.

Add in the body-sculpting magic of Contour Light, and you've got a clear path to the results you've been chasing – without the worries.

Also, keep your eyes wide open for tomorrow's email.

I'll be dropping a results guarantee for qualified individuals that's almost too good to be true.

I'm putting my money where my mouth is and talking about a promise that shows just how much I believe in our CRP program – a promise you want in on.

Hit "reply" with "I'm in" to learn more and possibly secure one of the final 7 bottles.

Let's turn that enthusiasm I've seen into action and results.

Time's not just ticking – it's sprinting.

Your spot and that $500 credit?

They're one 'send' button away.

See you on the brighter side of health,

Tim Fitzgerald

P.S. Ready to be WOWed by the results?

Reach out before Friday, March 8th at 11:59 PM or risk missing out on the chance to be part of something truly transformative.

And about that guarantee...prepare to be impressed.

Stay tuned.


You can try Contour Light during this promo for only $99. 

A single session is priced at $250, so that’s a $150 savings. 

And till March 8th, even if you’ve tried Contour Light before, you can come in and do another session at that same intro price.

If you have more than 20 lbs to release, then you also qualify for our 2 inch release guarantee. 

Release 2 inches in your first session or your money back!

Be among the next 7 to respond, and I’ll include our CORE (infrared sauna, cryotherapy, and 8 other services) membership, adding another $750 in value, absolutely FREE.

That’s a total gift of $1,250 towards your health transformation!