The Friday Four—2/4/2021

Feb 04, 2022 12:47 pm

Hi friend!

Here's something for you to...

1) watch.

How to Make Yourself a World-Class Athlete


I'm starting this week.

2) read.

Rescuers attach sausages to drones to lure dog to safety in England



3) use.

How to say No


Actual templates for my people-pleasing friends.

4) listen to.

A Woman's Guide To Attracting Women


Kezia Noble on one of my new favorite podcasts Modern Wisdom.

Some of my blogs.

Good friends vs. great friends

My besties and I are launching a podcast! Stay tuned.

Buying nice things

On paying for quality.

Money will solve your problems

What I learned about money last year.

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“When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape."

-bell hooks

"When working with people, assume good intentions. When listening to people, interpret their words in a generous way. You will occasionally get burned and mistreated by always assuming the best in others, but it is a far better way to live than the opposite."

-James Clear

“That donut may have just cured my depression.”

-Kayla Smith

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Much love.

Dill 💙