The Friday Four—1/14/2021

Jan 14, 2022 12:01 pm

Hi friend!

My friend told me I say everything is 'the best' in this newsletter—which is the best feedback I've ever received.

Here's something for you to...

1) watch.

Timelapse | From seed to 600kg Giant Pumpkin


Worth the 2-minutes.

2) read.

John Deere breaks new ground with self-driving tractors you can control from a phone


Robots, man!

3) use.

If you act fast, you can unsend any embarrassing email


Super useful.

4) listen to.

Theranos – Silicon Valley’s Greatest Disaster


The story of Elizabeth Holmes, who was just convicted of four counts of fraud in her former blood-testing company.

Some of my blogs.

Writing is hard

An update on the book I'm writing.

I've meditated every day for four years—And I still suck at it

Well...almost every day.

It's never enough

On how I won $1K this week.

Philly feedback

What I learned about myself from a feedback exercise with one of my best friends.

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“We can entertain our thoughts about others, or we can let our thoughts about others entertain us.”

-Michael Neill

“I don’t know if you were asking me, but that’s my two cents.”

-Laura Marelic

“Fuck Amazon! Until I need it.”

-Sam Morril

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Much love.

Dill 💙