Thank you! (yes, you)

Jan 27, 2023 1:21 pm


I started this blog in October 2019. The goal was to teach the world about self-improvement, habits, and mindset.

I made two promises to myself:

  1. No talking about my own experiences
  2. I must post every day except Sunday

With no real life experience, I felt I was too dull to have any captivating stories. I worked at a restaurant. I had a podcast no one listened to. I was just a 20-something who read self-help books and wanted to spread their ideas to my friends. Now, this blog is exclusively about my life and insights.

In the beginning, I missed days here and there. But by and large, I posted something practically every day. It usually fell within the spectrum of somewhat readable and offensively trash.

But, I was a writer. 

I had proof that I used my fingers to type words and then shared those words with the internet. No one really tuned in at first, which was great. That gave me all the space in the world to sharpen my style, define my interests, and improve my skills.

Two readers turned into four. Four into 10. 10 to 50. And so on as the months ticked by. As of today, this blog is steadily approaching its first 1,000 subscribers.

And I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone reading this. 

Thank you for giving even a minute of your attention. Thank you to all of you who send me texts or emails sharing your thoughts and feedback on my writing. That’s my favorite part.

Whether someone disagrees with me or resonates heavily with something I share, it makes me feel deeply connected with the world around me. My family also reads these posts so it feels easier to keep them updated with my life and projects.

Anyway, thanks so much. I really appreciate you.

If these emails ever get boring or useless for you, please unsubscribe. After I cry myself to sleep, I’m sure I’ll get over it.

Final note:

To anyone who’s ever thought about writing more, sharing their ideas, or dipping a toe in the content creation world…my advice is always the same.

Start a daily blog.

Even if it’s just on weekdays. Even if it’s just on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

There’s no better way to become a better writer than by forcing yourself to sit down and write all the time. It’s quantity, not quality. But the quantity will quickly lead to quality. I basically became a decent writer by accident. 

People want to publish high-quality pieces. But that’s a great way to never write anything. So I tell people to type at least one paragraph and then click “Share.” No one’s paying attention anyway. You might as well just hone your craft.

It’s a hill I’m willing to die on. Long periods of commitment and consistency guarantee success. 

I feel successful when one person reads one thing I write. 

So again, thank you. 😇