The Friday Four—1/28/2021

Jan 28, 2022 12:01 pm

Hi friend!

Here's something for you to...

1) watch.

Robotic Spy Hippo Up Close With One of Africa's Most Dangerous Animals!


Hippos are insane, man.

2) read.

How to volunteer with intention and purpose


For anyone looking to help out more.

3) use.

How to look your best on a video call


Simple Zoom tips.

4) listen to.

5 Myths About Inequality


From Professor Antony Davies.

Some of my blogs.

The 10 million dollar question

My favorite question to ask anybody.

COVID goals

I got COVID...again. Here's how I've been spending my time.

You don't have to 10x

Why you don't have to pursue monumental growth.

The 6 people in every relationship

Friends, significant others, colleagues...

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“One out of three millennials say their biggest fear is credit card debt—more than death or going to war.”

-Klarna Deep Dive

“People enjoy shows about societal collapse because there’s more purpose in dealing with zombies and scavenging for food and shelter than there is living to work for the weekend.”


“The excuses we all use to not evolve!”

-Christina Parkhurst

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Much love.

Dill 💙