Want to hear the craziest travel story ever?

Mar 19, 2023 10:31 pm

Too bad. I made it here safely and smoothly.

(My trip to Vancouver Island was more action-packed.)

I got into Buenos Aires this morning at 5:30. Zero hours of sleep on the plane. Anticipation and anxiety. Dropping my luggage and laying in the apartment bed was as blissful as I imagined.

After a two-hour power nap, I met up with a dude I connected with on Zoom. He showed me around my neighborhood, bought me lunch, and helped me get a public transit card and exchange cash.

He was basically my guardian angel. I thanked him profusely for helping me land on my feet in this foreign city. He told me he was just paying forward all the guidance he got from people before him.

Now I’m sitting on my balcony typing away as I listen to pedestrians walk by saying things I can’t understand. Three men are playing hang drums and accordion. My space is small and peaceful.

I feel far away, which is exactly what I wanted. My two main goals in being here were:

  1. to give my life a cold shower, and
  2. to remove access to my friends and family so I could focus on my work and health.

Here are the first things I noticed today…

  • The women are gorgeous here.
  • Life is quite different when you’re the foreigner (when you don’t speak the language and when most people don’t look like you).
  • I haven’t felt this adventurous since I lived in Germany when I was 20.

I’m off tomorrow. The to-dos are: jiujitsu class in the morning, finding a coworking space, and getting a membership at a rock climbing gym.


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