In case you missed it! The Friday Four—3/11/2022

Mar 14, 2022 12:01 pm

Hi friend!

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Here's something for you to...

1) watch.

NFTs, Explained


Super crisp video for dummies like me.

2) read.

Flour Trip


It sounds incredibly boring, but this article on flour is fascinating.

3) use.


Spotify for indie labels.

4) listen to.

i had a ben shapiro/jordan peterson phase... and i'm glad i did


On "fatphobia."

Some of my blogs.

Fight back

On Resistance and jiujitsu.

My precious

What I learned from the writer of The Office and Parks and Rec.

How to know you don't suck at something

On the stuff I created (which does probably suck).

Up late with no regrets

On MMA, vodka, and freedom.


“The less you talk about your shame, the more you have of it.”

-Brene Brown

“The consequence of liquifying all courtship rituals and sexual norms wasn’t a feminist paradise of non-exploitative sex, but endemic intimate violence and a multi-billion dollar porn industry.”

-Mary Harrington

“You planted the seed. Now you have to piss on it.”

-Andrew Phillips

See you next week.

Dill 💙