Let's stuff our eBooks full of goodies! 😍

Hello !It's a big month for me! Once I get past September, I'll be able to breathe a little bit. I took on too much this year, and as a rapid romance writer, I've been drowning in work, but I am getting caught up. Finally! But because this year was s...

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Sep 20, 2023
There is some amazing book content! 😍

Hello !I will keep this short today because I have something MASSIVE to share with you next week. And when I mean MASSIVE, I'm not exaggerating. Think favorite books, favorite authors, and FREE. I'm not only a part of it, but I will be climbing over...

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Sep 15, 2023
There's a special book event! Queer Your Bookshelf

Hello !Normally, I don't send out newsletters sooner than two weeks. But there's just too much going on that we need to talk about. Mainly, Queer Your Bookshelf. It's a massive sale event of LGBTQ+ books for ONLY $.99!! In fact, there are 260 books o...

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Sep 04, 2023
My Boxer is almost here and I have some amazing art!

Hello !After being behind and scrambling to get everything done, I did it! I am nearly caught up. Then BAM! I get sick, lol, which set me back again a little, but now that I'm better, I'm wrapping everything up. Look at this jaw-dropping list. My hou...

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Aug 31, 2023
Who knew I'd love writing sports romances?

Hello !Phew, His Death Bringer was a whirlwind! And readers seem to be enjoying my darker side! 😈 And there's more to come! But for now, onward! While I try not to sweat to death in this heat and drought, I stay inside and write and work, and write a...

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Aug 17, 2023