When one loves too many romance tropesπŸ’—

Hello !Happy weekend! I have a little treat for you today. I'm trying something new, and it has nothing to do with how excited I am about my next book, The Healer. 😁 It has some amazing tropes, and therein lies my problem. I love WAY too many tropes....

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Mar 26, 2023
Who doesn't love a little dark and taboo? πŸ’—

Hello !I hope everyone is having a good March and that things are slowly starting to warm up for you. Or cool down, depending on where in the neck of the woods you are lol. Where I am, our winters are very short. Already everything is blooming. Thoug...

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Mar 15, 2023
Last Call! Only a week left before it's gone. πŸ’—

Hello !I was right! Silver Linings! πŸ˜… If you have been keeping up with the news, Amazon dumped my A Home in You preorder, so I had to scramble to set up a new book page, with a new link, and start over! But so far, this book has been an amazing...

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Feb 28, 2023
Let's celebrate romance and all things love! πŸ’—

Hello !So much romantic goodness in the air!Honestly, despite being a romance writer, I'm not very romantic lol. I'm not really into Valentine's Day. I even tell my husband he doesn't have to get me flowers. I'm weird like that. But he ignores me and...

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Feb 15, 2023