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Jul 17, 2021 5:33 am

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  • Lesson Learned (Should have taken my own damn advice)
  • Choose your Ideal Client using the Love Languages
  • Making your Brand the HERO - A Brand Study on Ben & Jerry's

Quick question for ya... (trying my best not to sound sales-y)

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Lesson Learned...

So I have always advised my clients to test which days work best for email marketing campaigns themselves. I knew that Fridays were good for me, as folks can take the time to open and browse my emails over the weekend - the data showed me this and has been my formula for a while. BUT I went I drank the Koolaid and decided to try sending out my email on Monday this week - BIG mistake.

All that to say - chances are you missed a really great VALUE-PACKED email, which included a limited-time offer to get a FREE booking website for your business from SKED + and the opportunity to be part of a one-of-a-kind app beta-test group. Go take a look in your inbox. 😉

🗒️ Discovering Client Compatibility through Love Languages


As you can imagine, and probably already painfully know, having a client that doesn’t appreciate your effort stings, regardless of business simply being business. With that in mind, why on earth then would you choose someone as your client who doesn’t speak the same language... 


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🗒️ What's Ice-cream gotta do with it? - Making your Brand the HERO


In crafting your brand strategy, it is helpful to understand the desired Archetype you wish to convey subconsciously to your audience. You do so through the intention placed behind your design elements; colours, typography, creative direction and tone of voice in communication. This creates the personality of your brand, something with which your audience naturally aligns to based on either similarity or aspiration. In other words, you can mindfully craft a Brand Archetype which your desired audience either perceives they need in their lives or wishes to be themselves. In the case of IceCream giant; Ben & Jerry’s - the Hero.


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