Laying on the value THICK this Monday...😃

Jul 13, 2021 1:22 am

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If the week didn't start off well - FEAR NOT Putus❤, I've got some great value packed into this email to hopefully make it a little better.


  • FREE Client Compatibility Guide - FINALLY Choose the right clients for you.
  • FREE Tool to help you Avoid Burnout - Can I get an AMEN?!
  • Beta Test a one-of-a-kind neuro-tech app and Improve Your Productivity
  • Exclusive Opportunity - 30 Days FREE: All-In-One Booking Website
  • Understand the HERO Brand Archetype: Brand Study - Ben & Jerry's

Also, be on the lookout for another email later this week regarding my upcoming Second Cohort for the 28 Day Brandcubator, beginning on August 9. Here's an excerpt of a review received from one of my participants:

The Brandcubator Webinar provided a step by step guide for re-creating and refining my Aha! Island Style brand journey. In addition, Anika also assisted me in the brand development for another business idea that I am eager to launch. Anika is extremely thorough and the sessions were jam packed with info, she understands each participants desires for their brand despite their ambivalence and confusion.
- Gail Bell; Aha! Island Style

If you'd like to go ahead and reserve your spot right now, just hit reply on this email.

🗒️ Discovering Client Compatibility through Love Languages


As you can imagine, and probably already painfully know, having a client that doesn’t appreciate your effort stings, regardless of business simply being business. With that in mind, why on earth then would you choose someone as your client who doesn’t speak the same language... 

Click here to read and DOWNLOAD

🎥 CEO Chat - w/ Diann Wingert - Expanding Bandwidth + Creating Boundaries


Expand your Bandwidth w/@coachdiannwingert Download Diann's Obligation Management tool DOWNLOAD FREE here: .

Click here to WATCH

🎥 CEO Chat - Entrepreneur Mental Wellness w/ Kelz Bethel

3x Tech Founder and CEO of Recess; Kelz Bethel needs beta testers for her soon-to-be-launched neuro-tech app aimed at improving productivity while reducing anxiety. Sign up to be included in this amazing opportunity to beta test the app HERE

I had a convo recently on the various ways entrepreneurs are affected by anxiety, potential linkages to imposter syndrome, and things we can do to improve those issues, her app (Recess), assists entrepreneurs to tackle those very same challenges virtually.


Watch the convo now

SKED: Get your own Booking Website for FREE for the next 30 Days:

SKED is the perfect platform for service providers who want a quick and easy way to create their own appointment website. Sign up for the FREE version in the next 30 Days and be automatically upgraded to PRO.

  • Website with your very own URL
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Track Income and access analytics
  • Schedule Online Bookings from Clients
  • Include up to 10 Team Members
  • Set up takes less than 30 mins!


🗒️ What's Ice-cream gotta do with it? - Making your Brand the HERO


In crafting your brand strategy, it is helpful to understand the desired Archetype you wish to convey subconsciously to your audience. You do so through the intention placed behind your design elements; colours, typography, creative direction and tone of voice in communication. This creates the personality of your brand, something with which your audience naturally aligns to based on either similarity or aspiration. In other words, you can mindfully craft a Brand Archetype which your desired audience either perceives they need in their lives or wishes to be themselves. In the case of IceCream giant; Ben & Jerry’s - the Hero.

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Told you this was gonna be a value-packed email.

Drop me a reply - let me know how you're doing over there.


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