Shameless Tip - SMH

Jun 02, 2021 2:31 am

can I tell you, my neighbor must have heard my mouth just now when I realized my first sentence in that last email - which I read over about 73 times before hitting send had a typo...

So shamelessly and to save likkle face - I'm sharing a tip I typically practice (evidently though, not enough).

When creating content, writing proposals etc - right before you export that final file, hit send etc

  1. Stop what you're doing...
  2. Get up from behind the computer/put down the phone...
  3. Walk around for a few minutes.

I promise you, that when you come back with fresh eyes, you will spot every rasssssss typo (maybe). Or you can also install a browser extension like Grammarly to help spot typos and grammatical errors (when it feels like kmt...) and now even tone of voice... Apparently it says my tone in this email is: "Mostly Friendly, Moderately Confident and Mildly Optimistic"

Enjoy the rest of your week folks!

Nuff Love,


p.s. If there are typos here - blame my hunger.