Are you an overthinking Solopreneur?

Jul 24, 2021 6:10 am

Hey ,

Listen I get it... the overthinking... the procrastination. Imposter Syndrome anyone?! 🤐 I also know (VERY WELL) the hesitation around launching new products and services and I really wanna help... and my (soon to be launched) Solopreneur Thriving Community wants to support you too.

If you're considering launching/relaunching your brand or a new product or service, then let me hold your hand and show you not only how to do it properly but successfully by outlining and building your:

  • Brand Identity & Strategy
  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Funnel

Learn more about my upcoming Brandcubator HERE

Please feel free to share this email with a fellow Solopreneur who could benefit from this opportunity.

Nuff Love and enjoy your weekend.


Anika Repole Wilson 💡

Digital & Brand Strategy | Ideation | Consultation

Managing Director | Strategy Maverick


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