Now that the weather is nice - Purim is this Thursday

Feb 22, 2021 10:51 am

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You might not have noticed the time flying by as we battled through this past week of wild and scary weather. I hope that you are now comfortably seated at home in warmth and with running water. Gratitude for the basic joys of life takes on a whole new meaning after this experience.

Now we look to the Purim holiday in which we take this meaning to a biblical level. Purim is a holiday during which we celebrate the gift of insight 'behind the curtain', appreciating the G-dly miracles in a totally 'natural' series of events. Did you know that G-d is not mentioned once in the Megilah?

In celebrating this holiday we renew our appreciation for the natural gifts of our daily experience, reveling in the holy nature of the mundane routine. We kvell in the grind, we celebrate something so simple as running water and perceive how everything we enjoy is a gift from G-d.


This Purim marks one year since the beginning of the lockdowns. We will not let it take us down, on the contrary, we will use our confusion and sadness like yeast in a mash, fermenting an outpour of joy and faith that we will pull through together.

Purim Mask-arade

will take place Thursday evening at 7:00 pm

  • Costumes encouraged, have your mask accessorize
  • Sushi (masked waiters)
  • Bar for L'chaims (masked bartender)
  • Outdoors and covid respectful

$15, all you can eat, all you can drink, oh the people you will meet!

RSVP to 770-872-6770 or at

Looking forward to sharing HIGH ENERGY JUDAISM!

Rabbi Mendy & Mussy