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Jun 30, 2023 10:09 pm



Thank you all who celebrated our son's bris with us on Wednesday. Whether you joined us in person or via your messages, texts and emails, we appreciate each of you. We are surrounded by love and we reflect it back to you.

Little Avraham is named after Mussy’s grandfather Rabbi Avraham Sasonkin who passed away just a few months ago and is so sorely missed.

A scholar, a chassid and a devoted disciple of the Rebbe, Zeidy Sasonkin was an example of quiet piety, someone who was deeply spiritual and learned but without fanfare.

He would always have a slight smile on his lips, humming a tune, with a nice word to say.

It is our hope and prayer that little Avraham will grow up in his footsteps and give us all nachas.

(Here is a longer bio published by after he passed.)

Wishing you an uplifting Shabbat,

Rabbi Mendy & Mussy

p.s. As always, we would love to chat with you over coffee or drinks, about Judaism, or just life - reply to this email.


Of interest:

imageWatch: The EPIC struggle of the Jewish underground in the Soviet Union 

Tomorrow, the 12th of Tammuz, is the day that the sixth Lubavitcher rebbe, 

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, imagewas officially released from his sentence of exile to Kastroma in the interior of Russia.

Twenty-seven days earlier, the Rebbe had been arrested by agents of the GPU and the Yevsektzia ("Jewish Section" of the Communist Party) for his activities to preserve Judaism throughout the Soviet empire and sentenced to death, G-d forbid. International pressure forced the Soviets to commute the sentence to exile and, subsequently, to release him completely. 



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